Concert Policies

Attendance Policy


  • Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket to be admitted to the show.

  • Re-entry is not permitted.

  • The Guinness Open Gate Brewery and the show are family-friendly; only guests who are 21+ with a valid ID can purchase and consume alcohol, and anyone under the legal drinking age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • This show is outdoors and will take place rain or shine. 

  • All bags are subject to search. If an individual declines a bag search, they may still enter the property, but must leave their bag in their vehicle or other outside location.

  • The following items are prohibited: coolers, chairs, umbrellas, blankets, luggage, outside food and beverage, chains, locks, laser pointers, or other items that presents a risk of harm to person or property.

  • No weapons of any kind are permitted on premises.

  • No pets are permitted on premises.

  • Beverages (alcoholic or any other type) may not be brought into or taken from the premises (with an exception to items sold for take-home purposes).

  • Packaged beer sold in Guinness store may not be consumed on Guinness property.

  • In accordance with the Maryland Smoking Ban, smoking is not permitted inside the brewery. Smoking is restricted to designated outdoor areas. This includes electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

  • Appropriate clothing is required at all times:

  • Shirt and Shoes are required to be worn at all times

  • No excessively revealing clothing

  • No offensive images or language

  • No inappropriate behavior, substance abuse, intoxication, or criminal activity will be tolerated.

  • Parents are solely responsible/liable for damage caused by unsupervised children.

  • If children or any guest cannot behave in a manner considerate of all Guinness Open Gate Brewery guests, you will be politely asked to leave.

  • No loitering or solicitation is permitted.

  • The Baltimore County Arts Guild and the Guinness Open Gate Brewery reserve the right to update these policies at any time as required to maintain health and safety.

Ticket Policy

  • Only the first scan of this ticket will allow entry. Unauthorized duplication or sale of this ticket may prevent your entry to the event. Handle this ticket as you would a regular ticket. The Baltimore County Arts Guild (promoter) and the Guinness Open Gate Brewery (venue) are not responsible for lost or misplaced tickets, nor are we responsible for any unauthorized duplication or the consequences thereof. If duplicate copies do occur, the event promoter or venue reserves the right to refuse entry to all ticket holders.

  • The ticket value may only be refunded to the original purchaser at the discretion of the Baltimore County Arts Guild. The date and time of the event are subject to change without notice. For the most current updates, visit

  • By using this ticket, the holder assumes all risks and responsibilities associated with the event for which this ticket is issued, including seen and unforeseen dangers. In the case of any such claims arising from this event or ticket purchase, the holder expressly waives and agrees to release the promoter and the venue, and all their agents and performers, from those claims. If the event for which this ticket is issued undergoes cancellation or rescheduling, neither the venue nor the promoter is required to issue a refund. The decision to allow refunds of the ticket face value is the express right of the promoter. 

  • By using this ticket, holder also agrees to abide by all rules and regulations instated by the venue, management, or other parties properly associated with the event for which this ticket is issued. In particular, the holder will not transfer or aid in transferring any unauthorized description, account, image, or reproduction of the event and its happenings. However, in the case of authorized broadcast or publicizing of the event, the ticket holder agrees by use of this ticket to grant permission for the use of holder's image or likeness in connection to the event, venue, or promoter. The holder also agrees to abide by the following all attendance policies in place at the venue, and under these provisions, the ticket holder is entitled to no refunds or renumeration of any kind.

  • This ticket is a revocable license and admission may be refused upon proper refund of the ticket's face value. Unauthorized sale, resale, or attempted resale is illegal and may result in seizure and cancellation without compensation. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources are void if lost, stolen, or counterfeit. If lost, stolen, or destroyed, ticket cannot be replaced. Ticket is only valid for the date, time, event, and seat issued on the ticket. Ticket is non-transferable or redeemable for cash. Unauthorized reproduction of this ticket is punishable by law. All prices listed include taxes, fees, and/ or discounts (if applicable), unless otherwise noted.